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Terry Oldfield

Pure Flute with Nature


Sky Dancer Terry Oldfield and Carlos Garo

New Album + November Concerts



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Terry Oldfield – Composer Musician

Pure Flute Magic

Terry Oldfield has been enchanting fans with his soul stirring albums and music for film for over 30 years. His pure flute in musical composition touches the heart and soothes the mind. Brother of Mike and Sally Oldfield he shares the genius of this musical family who have been stunning audiences since the ’70’s. Terry is truly one of the great composers of modern times.

Terry shares his awe of nature through his ‘Spirit Of’ series in the 1990’s and his stunning ‘Out of the Depths’ album featuring the haunting sound of the Humpback Whales together with his signature flute magic. Terry also has composed over 80 television productions working with such names as David Attenborough.  He has recently been working with a talented Spanish guitarist and composer Carlos Garo. They have produced a shared album Sky Dancer which is making waves in Spain. Their recent video release REACH OUT is stunning with an important message to boot. Terry will tour Spain with Carlos in November 2017.   

Terry performs solo and in collaboration with others. Often performing with his wife singer songwriter and author Soraya Saraswati. Terry and Soraya released their new duo album Temple Moon August 2017.  Terry Oldfield and Soraya are heading off in September for their TEMPLE MOON tour of Europe. Read the latest blog about this album release.

Check Terry Oldfield and Soraya’s  EASTER 2018 India Retreat which is going to awesome. This Music Meditation Mindfulness Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat is is designed to rebalance body, mind and spirit. Terry and Soraya are open to invitations to play and facilitate Mind Sanctuary Workshops and Retreats.

PURE FLUTE is the third album Terry has released in 2017 – an incredible year considering he faced a life threatening illness that took his right eye which Terry now sees as a Blessing In Disguise.  The Silver flute is Terry’s signature instrument although he also plays Pan Pipes and the Indian Bamboo Bansuri flutes.


October 23, 2015


October 23, 2015


October 23, 2015


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Coming upon this Buddha head overgrown with leaves this morning in our garden .. there was an immediate sense of clarity and peace as I stared transfixed by the stone face peeping through the foliage ..  just like a child playing  “Hide and Seek” ..  This is actually who I am .. Awakeness in disguise as everything  .. ..

The image of the Buddha is a symbol for Awakeness .. the only thing there is  …  that chooses to forget its’ own nature by stepping into a dream body through which it can experience itself as the multiplicity of the universe .. This is merely an explanation which  pales in comparison to the actual experience of being in this dream world because it is so  utterly and amazingly  convincing …even to  Awakeness that seems to have created this wonderful game of forgetting who or what it is and then going to the ends of the Earth to find itself again … What a joke ! . .

Awakeness is peering at itself through these sleepy eyes   ..   each time opening a little longer  ..   to the blinding light of  complete and utter  al one ness ..


Terry Oldfield – Finding My Voice

By | Terry's Blog

Looking back from this moment when I am meandering along this path of acceptance, I see now that there have been a handful of pivotal experiences that were so powerful at the time that they set the tone for the long periods in between.

Up until the age of 12 I was a happy young boy, spending my time fishing and playing football with my friends – Generally living in the moment and enjoying life.

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A Blessing in Disguise

By | Blog, Terry's Blog
Just before Christmas 2016, I faced the biggest challenge of my life so far..  I lost my right eye due to a rare form of melanoma … Soraya writes about this beautifully in her blog here.  I really  felt for a short time that I would not be able to come back from this and reached a moment of deepest despair. What I couldn’t see at the time was that this moment was to be a real Turning Point in my life …

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SPIRAL – The music that launched Terry Oldfield’s career

By | Terry's Blog

This is the story behind the musical piece I called ‘Spiral’ that launched my career.

It was 1977 and I was rather disillusioned with life when I decided to rent a cottage near the remote Welsh village of Llanrhaedr Ym Mochnant to spend the winter recording a piece of music that had been pulling at my heart strings for some time. It was based on a chord sequence that had emerged from some work I had been doing with a friend on the I Ching.

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The Magic of Acceptance – Pain

By | Mindfulness

About a year ago, I tore the meniscus in my left knee. For those of you who have had this injury, the pain can be unbearable. After months of healing, things were starting to improve until I squatted to pick up a paint can and I was in agony again.

My darling Soraya suggested my knee was trying to tell me something. I spent a day in the chair pondering and meditating on this. The answer came: Stop, be still and be present.

Doing this, I was able to reach a point where I am actually grateful for my knee for showing me and for Soraya for helping me surrender to the pain. It reminds me of this beautiful blog

Soraya wrote about the Magic of Acceptance.

Sending Love


Reaching Out?

By | Terry's Blog

Dear Friends – I am excited to be working on a new song that I hope will be accessible to everyone – There is going to be a video with it and it is all about ‘reaching out and connecting’.
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Walking the Path of Music

By | Travel

Dear Friends – I have just returned from Bali – my first visit there since 1971 when I was a wandering traveller searching for something that seemed to be always just that little bit ahead – Bali was then a true paradise on Earth and I stayed with a family on Cuta beach in a little straw hut where I was embraced as one of the family. So much giving! So much love! Read More