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Terry Oldfield

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Terry Oldfield

Pure Flute with Nature



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Terry Oldfield – Composer Musician

Pure Flute Magic

Terry Oldfield has been enchanting fans with his soul stirring albums and music for film for over 30 years. His unique style of flute playing and musical composition touches the heart and soothes the mind. Brother of Mike and Sally Oldfield he shares the genius of this musical family who have been stunning audiences since the ’70’s.

The Flute is Terry’s signature instrument.

He performs both solo and in collaboration with others,often with his wife, singer and author Soraya Saraswati.  Terry and Soraya released their new album Temple Moon in August 2017 and toured Europe in September.

2018 Terry is currently working on 2 exciting new and very different releases:  ON FIRE and RHAPSODY.

Check out Terry Oldfield and Soraya’s 2018 December Awakening Clarity  India Retreat which is going to be awesome. This Music Meditation Mindfulness Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat is designed to rebalance body, mind and spirit. Terry and Soraya are open to invitations to play and facilitate Workshops and Retreats.


October 23, 2015


October 23, 2015


October 23, 2015


By | Terry's Blog

Coming upon this Buddha head overgrown with leaves this morning in our garden .. there was an immediate sense of clarity and peace as I stared transfixed by the stone face peeping through the foliage ..  just like a child playing  “Hide and Seek” ..  This is actually who I am .. Awakeness in disguise as everything  .. ..

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