The Echoes of Creation


Dear Friends – Welcome to the second of my regular weekly Blogs – If you missed the one last week you can find it on my facebook page or always on the website.

I had a few re-entry problems after a Month in Bali and have only just arrived back home in total as my Spirit decided to stay for a while longer!

Sitting here in my studio in the rainforest I listen to an orchestra playing. The frogs and toads are laying down a neat foundation in the bass while the crickets play percussion and the Kookaburra’s song rides over the top like a distant clarinet. Millions of tiny insects add their voices to the mix and I can feel my body vibrating in resonance with the beauty of nature’s evening Symphony.

True beauty is not recognizable for it is always new – always fresh. To see this we need to be a part of that beauty – To really feel present within it – To allow ourselves to be drawn in – To melt into the landscape and really feel this in the heart.

This is not possible from the standpoint of something that is separate from the beauty – The observer is always in the past and can only hear the Echoes of creation.