Coming upon this Buddha head overgrown with leaves this morning in our garden .. there was an immediate sense of clarity and peace as I stared transfixed by the stone face peeping through the foliage ..  just like a child playing  “Hide and Seek” ..  This is actually who I am .. Awakeness in disguise as everything  .. ..

The image of the Buddha is a symbol for Awakeness .. the only thing there is  …  that chooses to forget its’ own nature by stepping into a dream body through which it can experience itself as the multiplicity of the universe .. This is merely an explanation which  pales in comparison to the actual experience of being in this dream world because it is so  utterly and amazingly  convincing …even to  Awakeness that seems to have created this wonderful game of forgetting who or what it is and then going to the ends of the Earth to find itself again … What a joke ! . .

Awakeness is peering at itself through these sleepy eyes   ..   each time opening a little longer  ..   to the blinding light of  complete and utter  al one ness ..