Soundscapes for Awakening

Namaste Dear Friends
I have just finished recording a selection of Improvisations for Bansuri…(Indian Bamboo Flute)… Titled “Soundscapes for Awakening”
The wonderful thing about the Bansuri is that I can bend the notes and use intonation similar to the way we speak…varying the pitch in order to express different subtleties of feeling…
I started playing the traditional Flute when I was 19 and only 16 years ago discovered the Magic of the Bansuri…It is certainly the Instrument of choice for me these days…Hence this latest offering
“Soundscapes for Awakening” which consists of Ten spontaneously played tracks, loosely inspired by the Ten Ox Herding Pictures that are a beautiful representation of the Zen vision of the awakening process.

By “Awakening” I refer to the process of discovering our true nature which is traditionally what the so called “Spiritual Path” is all about.If you look at the very first of the Ox Herding pictures “Seeking the Ox” you will see that this very first step represents the awakening of a deep sense of “Longing” for something deeper in life…Something that seems to be missing somehow from our experience…The Ox represents this thing…This elusive something that is always just beyond our grasp…

“Brushing aside thick grasses I pursue him,
In wide rivers, distant mountains, and paths without end.
Exhausted, unable to find him anywhere,
I only hear evening cicadas in the maple trees”
Kuo An…12th Century Zen Master

Now this is where the music comes in…The perfect expression of this Longing…Yearning…Connecting the seeker to the heart…Bringing sometimes the cleansing tears that express so deeply that sense of separation and Isolation that we all feel as apparently separate Human Beings…Objects facing other Objects…desperately seeking Oneness.

This first track, which is your free download “A Path With No End”… It was recorded “In the Moment” from a place of emptiness that happens in true Meditation.
Please stay with me and look out for the next Blog post which will be all about Track 2 on “Soundscapes for Awakening”

Here also is my latest video for “A Path with no End”… Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel to watch this and more… 👁

Deep Peace in Oneness

Terry 🙏🏽