Reaching Out?

Is there anybody out there?  Sky Dancer
Is there anybody out there? Sky Dancer

Dear Friends – I am excited to be working on a new song that I hope will be accessible to everyone – There is going to be a video with it and it is all about ‘reaching out and connecting’.

We have all seen the direction that communication is taking at the moment – the endless staring into screens – Even as we walk and talk together we race to respond to every bleep coming through from the invisible matrix that seems – “On the Surface” – to be bringing us all closer together ? But is it possible that we could be moving more towards separation ?
Could it be that this instant gratification of being “Liked” or “Shared” so easily is becoming more of an addiction than a blessing ?
So this song and video will speak of all this and I hope it will “Reach Out” and “Connect” to you all in a deeper way.

FAST FORWARD now to 20 April 2017 and I have released this video with Carlos Garo a brilliant Spanish musician Soraya and I met in Madrid in 2015.