Terry Oldfield presents a collection of instrumental music designed to integrate harmoniously with a standard yoga class. The opener “Earth and Sky” invokes a sense of solemn grace with Bansuri flutes before giving way to “Aum” with its spine-tingling tampura drone. The title track opens with a peaceful summons to peaceful meditation from a Tibetan singing bowl before bells and more flutes enter the scene like a break of light through the trees. When the album has progressed to “The Essence” things are so mellow, that the flute is serenading us in barely a whisper. With Oldfield’s gift for conveying stillness, focus, and serenity, this album creates a benevolent sense of timeless now that makes it the perfect accompaniment for a yoga session, meditation, or any other sort of relaxing or therapeutic activity.

Album Preview

Track 1.Earth and Sky
Track 2.Aum
Track 3.Pilgrimage
Track 4.Yoga Healing
Track 5.The Wave
Track 6.Mountain Path
Track 7.Nothingness
Track 8.The Essence