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Calming, meditation music

The calling of whales mingles with the soaring and heartfelt purity of the majestic flute and pan pipes to create a multi-dimensional symphony of vibration and sound.
This music takes us deep into our hearts – awakening the soul to a deep connection with the awesome magnificence of nature. Terry Oldfield and Soraya have brought us relaxing and meditation music that is bliss to listen to.

” I am most particular about the music I play on my trainings as well as in my massage room at home.  I didn’t want to reply to your card until I’d had time to listen to Reverence by Terry.  This afternoon, I had the opportunity to listen to it whilst ironing all my massage sheets, pillow cases and towels.  There is Pan Flute and Pan Flute!  I have been deeply touched listening to Terry’s God-given gift.  Indeed it is very special and indeed I will play it in my trainings and in my massage room.”  Peggy Dawson – Massage Therapist

For anyone looking for beautifully relaxing music, whether it be for healing therapists, yoga classes or simply meditating at home, this music album is a must.

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Track 1.Wings Of Morning
Track 2.Mystical Deep


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