PURE FLUTE (download)



” Pure Flute”..This is how it all began so many years ago on an Island in Greece when I would take my flute up into the mountains to play .. I had no idea then that this would become my life’s journey and I am so grateful that I listened then .. and trusted .. the inner voice that seemed so far away to begin with .. and then the resonance began with all my friends who chose to listen and support me on this pathway that has always led me here .. back to this moment where it all begins ..and ends .. Thank you so much for listening and giving me so much joy in this Leela ..The “play” of life ..

The album is a series of “Moment Inspired” improvisations that capture the essence of the instant of their creation ..

If you prefer the CD please click here PURE FLUTE CD

Album Preview

Track 1.After the Storm
Track 2.Eternal Moment
Track 3.Just Before Dawn
Track 4.New Moon
Track 5.Sunrise
Track 6.Waves
Track 7.Wilderness