Peaceful Hearts – Download



Relaxing and meditation music

Simply put, Peaceful Hearts is in every way a wonderful and inspiring  album. Best of all; It takes the cliché out of Peace & Love and makes it into something we all can relate to. Love is, to quote the album, simply standing there. It is a beautiful album of relaxing and meditation music. 

If I only were to listen to one New Age music album this year, Peaceful Hearts by Terry Oldfield and Soraya would be my choice. It is one of the most positive, heartfelt and inspiring albums I have ever heard. Terry’s breathtakingly beautiful flute and Soraya’s singing have but one message; love is all you need. Looking at the world, this is the most important message of all.

A Powerful Yet Peaceful Heart
Terry Oldfield is one of our finest artists and Soraya is a heavenly singer. Still I was surprised by the album’s power and atmosphere. I didn’t know that peaceful hearts would beat with such force! On the album Terry plays flute, acoustic guitar and Soraya sings and plays tanmandel, a version of tanpura.



Album Preview

Track 1.Deep Peace
Track 2.When Will I be Free
Track 3.Just Perfect
Track 4.Instrument of Peace
Track 5.Call in the Light
Track 6.Looking in the Mirror
Track 7.Ocean Lullaby
Track 8.Simply Standing There
Track 9.Peaceful Hearts
Track 10.Shanti Path