Namaste (download)



Namaste – is the latest music album from Terry Oldfield & Soraya. With offerings of heart songs, mantras and peaceful flute music, is truly beautiful. Terry’s emotive flute magic, together with Soraya’s sweet vocals is uplifting, transporting the listener to a place of peace.

Peaceful Flute Music

The message behind the songs in this music album is one of absolute inclusivity, seeking to melt all barriers that create division.

Download a pdf of the lyrics here NAMASTE CD LYRICS

Namaste is available both as CD and Download. This page is for the DOWNLOAD version. If you would prefer the physical CD, please click here. 

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Album Preview

Track 1.Namaste
Track 2.Always Perfect
Track 3.Celtic Blessing
Track 4.Into Your Hands
Track 5.Thy Will be Done
Track 6. Dreamer
Track 7.Lotus Flower
Track 8.Just Passing Through
Track 9.Set me Free
 Track 10 Gate  Gate