Journey into Space (download)



Spacy Chill Out….

Journey into Space is about the inner light all around us,the potential within . “Out of space, in every sense of the word, comes all creation.” Terry has long used his music as an expression of his own life. Out of space, in every sense of the word, comes all creation. Journey into Space provides the perfect uplifting music for chilling in a more uptempo kind of way .

In this new album, featuring his Brother Mike  (Tubular Bells) on guitar, Terry combines  the use of his own voice as an instrument and his trademark flutes. This is the first time since 1978 that the brothers have recorded together.

“Journey into Space” also works with  the movement of life in the action of the physical body – “I notice that the music that came before was pretty much a movement towards peace but only in the sense of a stillness of body, this has moved into a stillness of mind also, which is right at the heart of things – allowing the body to move naturally and spontaneously in the dance of life.

Album Preview

Track 1.Origin
Track 2.Traveller
Track 3.Flight of the Eagle
Track 4.Gayatri
Track 5.Shadow Dancer
Track 6.Jai Ram
 Track 7.Moola Mantra
Track 8.Mangalam
Track 9.Dancer in the Void
Track 10.Be Still