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Inspirational music – for Chill Out and Lounge

Music and Song that speaks of  the great  voyage that we souls in human form are destined to undertake – It is a tribute to all those who have dared to set sail through uncharted seas – to the very edge of the known world – beyond all boundaries of  thought and imagination. Written just prior to Terry’s own voyage across the ocean to live in the land of Australia.  This album provides Inspirational music – for Chill Out and Lounge.

The Guardian Angel album is available of download only.  Purchase it here at Terry Oldfield and Soraya’s online music store.

Music previews are below.

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Album Preview

Track 1.Guardian Angel
Track 2.Lost For Words
Track 3.Southern Shores
Track 4.Some Kind Of Miracle
Track 5.Capture Me
Track 6.Bright Star