De Profundis – CD



Early this morning I went out to our balcony garden , put on my headphones, and pushed Play on my latest CD Out of The Depths 2. What transpired after that was a wonderfull, incredible journey deep into the ocean’s depths to the world of the humpback whale. Once again. I have done that journey thousands of times with the first album De Profundis-Out of the Depths. My favourite album from the tens of thousands of songs I have in my music library.
It was awesome to hear the new sounds and changes in the melodies as Dani sang them. Since I know the original note for note, I hummed the original melody to match her harmony in track 4 of OOTD 2 ! I was covered in “goosebumps”, which only happens when powerful music touches my soul and ushers me into another world.
Another thing I loved was the new sound of the wind! I imagined the surface of the ocean, with the winds whipping up the waves, while way down below the humpbacks swam freely and naturally in their calm and peaceful world. It certainly brought me from the surface, out of the depths, and then brought me into the depths!
I loved the return of the original musical instruments used in the first album, plus some new sounds not used in the first album. I could go on, but just wanted to say thankyou for another inspiring calming album. What a way to begin the first 52 minutes of my day! … Gerry van Huizen

Healing & Meditation music

In this follow-up to the much acclaimed “Out of the Depths”, British Academy Award nominee Terry Oldfield, combines his beautiful music with the majesty of the whale song and haunting voice of Soraya. De Profundis creates beautiful Healing & Meditation music, calming to the soul.

The music is moving, mysterious and alluring, reaching wave-like climaxes and then returning to the beautiful and familiar depths of Terry’s music.

A great addition to a timeless collection.

*2005 Narcissus Award, Album of the Year, Winner*

This album is available as both CD and download.

Album Preview

Track 1.Deep Connection
Track 2.De Profundis