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Music in Reflection Vol 1

By October 9, 2014Terry's Blog, Travel

Dear Friends

Soraya and I have just arrived in Belgium and start our tour tonight in the picturesque town of Lier.

We just went for a walk this morning and the atmosphere of Autumn is everywhere – The leaves falling into the water amongst the ducks as they swim – the smells that take me straight back to my childhood. Wonderful to be here to have the honour of travelling around this magical sphere.

This body is not me – although it is appearing to be so – Consciousness looks through every eye – the stage is set – the audience and the actors are in play – What is reality but the steady stream of creation and dissolution that happens like the waves breaking relentlessly upon the beach ?

The song “Just Passing Through” also speaks of this.

This is the first film in a series that I am making with Chris Bishop that will continue to ask some of the basic questions that we all face about this reality – Using words – images – and music at the highest level of quality.

So l’ll keep you posted with updates on all the music – reflections and tour

Love for now


About Terry Oldfield

Terry has had a long and successful career as a Composer and Musician working with film for the BBC and also as an independent artist. He is especially known for his soul stirring flute and compositions with the sounds of nature. Terry's key instrument in the Flute: Silver, Indian Bansuri, Pans and the Alto. Terry is perhaps best known for his meditation, relaxation and inspirational music. For the past 10 years he has traveled with partner Singer Author Soraya Saraswati sharing musical gatherings, concerts and retreats in Europe, Australia and India.