Magic Moments


Dear Friends – I have been so fortunate in life so far in that there have been so many magic moments when I have landed back on my feet in some seemingly extreme situations.

Take for instance the time when I was dropped off at 4am at a crossroads in the Northern Territory, Australia with $4 in my pocket.Now in the 1970’s that was really the “Back of Beyond” and how I happened to be passing through there is a story in itself that I would love to tell some day.

I was a 19 year old backpacker and it was the first time in my life that I really needed some basic essentials like food and water when “lo and behold” along came an old “Ute” driven by an aboriginal fellow who gave me a lift out to a mining camp where I was promptly given a job and issued with a helmet, a pair of boots and a meal ticket! OMG!

When I heard the magic words “Don’t worry mate we’ll start you off on the shovel ” I was ecstatic. Of course I passed out on my first day from heat exhaustion but again – another story!

BTW my 14 year old son Jaya recently informed me that my body is 99.999999% made up of empty space so really I have nothing much to complain about!

TBC! Note the attempt to accomodate the new texting abbreviations!

Love Terry