On Fire CD… Pre order…Limited edition … numbered 1-100 … release date 14 June 2018


Product Description

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“These songs came through as a great surprise to me over a period of 6 Months last year.. Totally outside my usual genre they insisted on being heard in a more upbeat and modern way.. The lyrics speak of my own personal journey into the Fires of Creation.. the point at which life and death appear in this eternal moment as the one thing going on.. It is my heartfelt wish that these songs may reach out to those who are ready to hear the call to awaken.. to enter into the fire wherein lies the recognition of our true nature.”

This album is being released in a limited edition of 100 copies! Regular copies will be available later to buy directly from this page.  There will also be a limited run of vinyl release later this summer. Stay tuned.



This is absolutely beautiful music! I especially love the instrumental pieces as this is what I usually listen to. It’s “enlightened” music, it takes you that place of clear consciousness.
Thank you for sharing, blessings, Barb
I love this whole collection, Terry! You’ve sent me several of these tracks, but they are really SOMETHING presented as a whole. :”Is There Anybody Out there?” is genius. And OMG, what a great album cover! Very best of luck, and lot of love. 
♥ Fred