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Just before Christmas 2016, I faced the biggest challenge of my life so far..  I lost my right eye due to a rare form of melanoma … Soraya writes about this beautifully in her blog here.  I really  felt for a short time that I would not be able to come back from this and reached a moment of deepest despair. What I couldn’t see at the time was that this moment was to be a real Turning Point in my life …

From that moment on .. there began a steady increase in creative flow and a real stabilisation of energy and awareness  … I see now that this experience was a wake up call .. one of those rare gifts that come disguised as a disaster ..
As well as our new album Temple Moon which Soraya and I recorded together .. I have finished and released a new solo album called “Pure Flute” and also an album called “Sky Dancer” which is a joint release with a guitarist friend in Spain .. Carlos Garo..
 It’s less than 4 weeks now until Soraya and I leave for Europe on our Temple Moon tour ….  “Temple Moon” is the title of our latest album .. A medley of mantras, songs and flutes that we have literally poured our hearts into over the last few months  .. This tour marks the 10th anniversary of our working and playing together on this beautiful planet Earth and I can’t wait to get back on the road.. to play again  …
I will be touring in Spain with Carlos in November,  after Soraya and I  finish our tour together and she returns home to Australia  ..
Carlos and I have also produced an exciting new video  for “Reach Out”.. one of my songs on the album Sky Dancer ..
So…phew…! Lots and lots happening …. I am looking forward to catching up with many dear friends very soon on the tour and of course… lots more …. Love Terry


About Terry Oldfield

Terry has had a long and successful career as a Composer and Musician working with film for the BBC and also as an independent artist. He is especially known for his soul stirring flute and compositions with the sounds of nature. Terry's key instrument in the Flute: Silver, Indian Bansuri, Pans and the Alto. Terry is perhaps best known for his meditation, relaxation and inspirational music. For the past 10 years he has traveled with partner Singer Author Soraya Saraswati sharing musical gatherings, concerts and retreats in Europe, Australia and India.